This 3 bedroom (3rd bedroom in loft), 2 full bath, provides ample room for family and friends (2 queen beds, 1 full bed and 1 twin bed). The basement level has an entertainment area with a TV/dish network, DVD, VCR with movies, and games. The deck is equipped with a 21 jet hot tub, a gas and charcoal grill, and best of all, incredible views from every angle. The kitchen is fully equipped, and has a breakfast bay window overlooking the mountains which is also great for bird watching.

At Treetop Cabin you will have everything you need to be cozy and comfortable while you enjoy a true mountain experience!

Treetop Cabin is a NO SMOKING cabin located on a mountain gravel road


The story of TreeTop Cabin is first a story of friendship. Todd and Jim met in summer of the late 80’s in Waco, Texas while working with Habitat for Humanity. Staying in contact over the next 10 years and meeting for outdoor excursions such as biking trips, canoe trips, or backpacking in the Great Smoky Mountains, somewhere they began planning how nice it would be to have a “base camp” in which to lauch these excursions. Over a period of about 2 years they looked for sites west of Asheville, but kept coming back to this one piece of 5 acres up on Sheepback Mountain.

Purchased Spring 2001 they began clearing in April. Holding the philosophy the cabin-building process was to be as low-impact as possible on the beautiful woods and mountainside. Driveway and foundation proceeded through the winter and spring of 2002. Hundreds of rocks were pulled out of the foundation site. Some of these, supplemented by creek and river rock brought from elsewhere, were used by Todd’s mom, “Mommy-O”, to build the spectacular stone walls and ledges that adorn the cabin site. The concrete for the slab was poured by pumping a slurry through hoses up the hillside from a truck parked down on Brown Ridge Rd.

The pine logs which form the substantial portion of TreeTop cabin were the result of Todd’s business, Todd’s Tree service located in Woodstock, Georgia. Todd began saving felled trees several years before. He had the logs planed on two sides at a sawmill, and debarked the other two sides of each log himself with old-fashioned barking and hewing tools. Todd hauled the logs - some of them as long as 32 feet! - up from Georgia. The notches on the log ends were marked and cut with chainsaw and chisel. Then each log was slowly and carefully lifted up into place using a hand-cranked crane that Todd and Jim assembled on site. The notches had to be re-shaped and fine-tuned so that the logs sat perfectly on top of each other without rocking. A process both slow and tedious.

(Left to right) Jimbo surveying, Todd smoothing, Tom mixing, JJ & Daddy-O framing, Mommy-O compiling, and Dice just being Dice!

Together they completed all of the framing and log work, interior trim, roofing, and cabinet installation. Friends and family, including Todd’s dad, “Daddy-O”, were there often to help. They came from Winston-Salem, Knoxville, Atlanta, and from even as far away as Illinois and Indiana. Camping out during construction was an experience in itself. One night Todd encountered a black bear, which luckily for Todd, ran away. These mountains are a place of bitter and fierce winter winds, even when folks could camp in the partially finished basement some nights the temperature was down to zero. After several months, the basement wood stove was installed, one windy weekend it caught a sheet of plastic on fire and almost burned the whole cabin down! Local trades people were hired to do the plumbing, electrical, sheetrock, HVAC, and chimney stone work.

(Left to right) Log raising, Jimbo & JJ cuttin up, Todd the builder, DaddyO measuring, Barbara staining!

Todd, Jim, family and friends, worked hard year-round during 2002 and 2003. The bulk of the work was done on the weekends, as both Todd and Jim worked full-time. By the summer of 2004 the cabin was finished, and it was a happy day indeed when the Haywood County Building Inspector signed off on the Certificate of Occupancy! Todd’s wife, Barbara, quickly began putting her decorating eye to work, giving the cabin a real down-home mountain feel. The additional deck and hot tub were added in 2005. Friends and family have been back many times to “make the house a home”: playing music, singing songs, sharing meals, watching birds, gazing at the night heavens, and enjoying the exhilarating beauty of the mountains and the simple treasures that Treetop Cabin has to offer.


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